• Construction Management

    by CCMI can provide supplemental management allowing the owner to act as general contractor, subcontracting directly, or construction management in an advisory role as an advocate of the owner.  Allowing the Owner to act as general contractor enables to Owner to implement maximum control of the project and savings by negotiating subcontracts and purchase orders directly. 

  • Development Management

    is offered by CCMI, typically in charge of permitting, design, and construction, from concept through warranty, acting as an advocate of the Owner.  Project types include; resort, hospitality, educational, office, warehouse and storage, industrial, manufacturing, infrastructure and site development, community development districts, food service and processing, restaurants, kitchens, catering kitchens, retail stores and town centers, luxury condominium, residential, custom homes, churches, environmental, vacation villas, timeshare, condo-hotel, fitness and recreation centers, clubhouses, convention centers, renovations and remodeling, fire stations, and government buildings.  CCMI, participating as development manager, enhances the success and profitability of the project, with an emphasis on mitigating the risks inherent in new development. 

  • Planning & CPM Scheduling

    on 88 projects totaling over $3 billion.  CCMI has developed conceptual schedules, pre-construction schedules, detailed construction schedules, procurement schedules, permitting schedules, and as-built schedules.  CCMI has developed custom software with an extensive data base of detailed design, permitting, procurement, inspection, and construction activities.  Scheduling project types in addition to those indicated above under Development Management, include; healthcare, convention centers, sport stadiums, theme park, courthouses, and town centers.  As development or construction manager, CCMI develops a Master Project Schedule designed to monitor the entire process from design and permitting through construction close out.  The Master Project Schedule is developed to monitor progress, to be used as a management tool for developers, designers, and contractors, and to clearly identify accountability for impacts and delays.  The Master Project Schedule is the most pro-active tool in the development and construction process.  CCMI offers independent scheduling services employed jointly by the owner and contractor. 

  • Requests for Proposals

    for designers, contractors, vendors, geotechnical firms, environmental firms,, and specialty contractors.  RFP’s include the Owner’s program, contracts, a definition of the Owner’s expectations and requirements, the responsibilities of each party, allocation of risk, and the time frame for executing the services.

  • Design & Construction Contracts

    Drafting AIA contracts, general conditions, supplementary conditions, exhibits and other contract documents protecting the our client’s interests.  Contracts include: Pre-construction, Construction Management, Construction Management with the CM as builder, Lump Sum, Negotiated with shared savings and a guaranteed maximum price, Cost of the work plus a fee, architectural design contracts, civil engineering design contracts, interior designer contracts, peer reviews, and any number of variations tailored for the client’s needs. CCMI provides practical and project specific input into agreements, in a complementary role with the client’s legal and risk services.

  • Arbitration, Mediation, & Alternate Dispute Resolution

    John Cassidy has been an American Arbitration Association Construction Industry Panel Member since 1990 and has presided over numerous arbitrations, including large complex commercial and residential cases.  CCMI provides guidance, assistance, and support in presenting or defending claims in arbitration, representing claimants and respondents. CCMI offers a critique of the client’s case and presentation from an arbitrator’s perspective.

  • Supplemental Management

    on difficult and/or troubled projects representing owners, contractors, and designers. CCMI has been brought in on several troubled projects to supplement the existing staff and often document conditions and contractor performance for subsequent dispute resolution.

  • Project & Program Management

    on project deliveries including: general contracting, design-build, construction management, negotiated contracts, and fast-track. CCMI assists the owner in developing the Owner’s Program for the project, which conveys all the information, goals, objectives, time frames and schedules, budgets, pro-forma, delivery, approach, and any special concerns on the part of the owner.  The Owner’s Program must include all the design criteria and expectations on the part of the Owner, including quality level, aesthetics, future expansion, flexibility for renovations, as well as any of the Owner’s clients, such as retail or office tenants.  Critical issues in the Owner’s Program are maintained on the project Action List until resolved or addressed.

  • Claims Analysis & Presentation

    on complex commercial, industrial, environmental, and residential disputes. CCMI assists the client in presenting or defending claims and provides case evaluation from an arbitrator’s perspective.  CCMI performs forensic investigations to determine the cause of delays and other damages.  CCMI has a number of associates who provide expert testimony including; abnormal weather impacts, structural failures, foundation settlement, paint and coating failures, waterproofing failures, roofing defects, mold and mildew damage, pavement failures, and other component or installation failures.

  • Expert Testimony

    on CPM scheduling, productivity, delay impacts, and commercial construction in general.  John Cassidy offers 35 years experience managing the construction of over $600 million and consulting services on over $3 billion.

  • Constructability Reviews

    are performed by CCMI to mitigate revisions, change orders, delays, conflicts, and litigation.  CCMI will carefully review design documents to insure compatibility, coordination, sufficient information, and avoidance conflicts.

  • Change Order Analysis and Negotiations

    resulting in fair and reasonable costs to the owner. CCMI provides recommended contract terms identifying allowed mark up and the level of detail required of both contractors and subcontractors.

  • Value Engineering

    returning significant savings in cost and time. CCMI is a member of Society of American Value Engineers. CCMI value engineering in most cases will result in savings to the owner many fold of CCMI’s total fees.  All components are value engineered for initial costs and long term maintenance.

  • Construction Consulting

    for over 35 years in the construction industry on projects totaling over $3 billion. In addition to utilizing industry standard management tools, CCMI manages critical issues on a separate project Action List.  The Action List identifies the issue, monitors communications and efforts towards a resolution, assigns a priority to each issue, assigns primary and secondary parties, and designates the due date for the current action.  The Action List document meeting notes, phone conversations, and emails.  The Action List can be sorted and distributed by priority, responsibility, or type of issue.

  • Lender inspections & payment application approval

    for Owners, banks, and other lending institutions.  CCMI will implement a program intended to protect the Owner or lender from over payments and insure the required lien releases and general releases are obtained with each payment application.

  • Quality Control

     implementation of a quality control program including professional inspections for waterproofing, roofing, aesthetics, miscellaneous testing, and other critical components.  John Cassidy is a certified by the Association of Construction Inspectors as an inspector and project manager.

  • Luxury Custom Home Consulting & Homeowner Representation

    offering guidance and representation in a complicated industry.  CCMI will implement controls for progress and quality, acting in the bests interests of the home owner.

  • Permitting Assistance

    with site approvals, building permits, water management permits, Department of Environmental Protection permits, Army Corps of Engineer permits, wetlands and wetlands mitigation, development regional impact, arbor permits, Department of Transportation permits, right of way permits, tap permits, environmental permits, hazardous material abatement permits, engineering permits, consumptive use, water discharge, NPDES, and platting.  All critical permitting conditions are included in the project Action List and remain in front of the appropriate party until addressed.

  • Owner assumed or Owner performed work

    in cases where the original contractor has failed to comply with the terms and conditions of the contract, the Owner may opt to assume all or portions of the work with CCMI providing the supplemental management and licensing to do so.  On other projects, due to timing or cost constraints, the owner may opt to contract directly with specialty contractors, rather than go through the general contractor, with CCMI managing this separate work.  Common examples of Owner performed work include; site development, landscaping and irrigation, tenant build-out work, interior decorating, furnishings and artwork, and special, long lead equipment or components.  CCMI has managed large complex and fast track projects with up to thirty prime contractors, specialty contractors, and vendors, including multiple general contractors.  CCMI is a licensed general contractor in Florida and California, with reciprocity in Utah and Nevada.

  • Coordination of services and utility providers

    including, power, water, sanitary, cable, phone, fiber optics, satellite services, internet services, wifi, life safety, and security.  Frequently, Owner’s rely on the designer and contractor to arrange and coordinate utility services, who are not motivated to act in the Owner’s best interests.  CCMI provides coordination of utility services in the best interests of the Client, addressing easements, timing, up front costs, maintenance, and all other aspects tailored for each project.

  • Coordination of end users and operations

    is an important aspect which must be considered in the preliminary design stages.  CCMI includes an in depth investigation of requirements by the end users and operations to avoid change orders, additional costs and delays during construction.  End user requirements are included in the project Action List unit incorporated in the design or resolved.